[mythtv-users] Thinking of adding DirecTV, have questions

Moasat - mythtv mythtv at moasat.dyndns.org
Sat Jul 23 14:47:39 UTC 2011

I had two H20s and 2 HDPVRs.  I used USB to serial on one and serial to
serial for the other.  Never had any problems whatsoever and the quality was
better than acceptable.  I had to only do stereo audio as the HDPVR and the
H20 didn't like each other so much over spdif.  Audio formats seemed to
change during shows and the HDPVR was a little shaky on that.

A bit off topic but don't believe ANYTHING directv promises you over the
phone.  And NEVER give them a credit card unless its one you can cancel
easily.  They can promise you anything they want on the phone to get you to
enter an agreement but once you're locked in, only their online terms and
conditions count as far as what they will do for you.  Their business
practices and ethics are very very shady and they are one of the worst rated
companies for customer satisfaction.  I recently cancelled my service and
they are raking me over the coals for stuff I never agreed to.  Buyer

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