[mythtv-users] what is the cat's ass of integrated "set top box" like hardware now?

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Jul 20 17:28:57 UTC 2011

On 11-07-20 01:05 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> The Acer Revo is not fanless.

For my purposes, it may as well be.

> It has a tiny blower fan that if right next
> to you rather than hidden behind a noisy tv, would be very audible.

Sure, but seriously.  In a room where I'm at one end/side and the TV is
at the other (who sits right next to the TV?), where's the FE going to
be?  Next to me, with a 20 HDMI run to the TV or next to the TV, 20 feet
away from me?

> What
> Tim was suggesting was an i3, and that's it. A Pentium branded Sandy Bridge
> chip (missing hyperthreading) can be had for under $100.  A Mini-ITX board
> is around $75, and another $15 for 2GB of DDR3.

Sure, but you don't get that all in a package as small as a Revo that
you can hide between a TV and a wall.

> So what do you lose going with Intel graphics.  OpenGL performance is
> every bit as good as that on the ION and ION2 systems, and plenty for
> MythTV's OpenGL renderer and painter.  You lose the high quality scaler
> that comes with later nVidia cards,


> but most people don't even bother to
> enable that in the playback settings.  You lose VDPAU,


> but VAAPI will be
> supported in 0.25.

And that makes an Intel chip (examples of what I should be looking for
please?) every bit as capable as the Nvidia VDPAU chips?

> Some people swear by the nVidia deinterlacers, however
> those don't require special hardware.  They simply run in shader code,
> built into the VDPAU drivers.  Nothing is preventing anyone from writing
> new deinterlace methods into Myth's OpenGL renderer.

These are all future possiblities and they sound good.  My need is for
today though, not tomorrow, and TBH, with all of the problems I have
been having with BE deadlocks (almost nightly now, during recordings) I
don't need to drive the WAF down even further by being a new GPU-support
guinea-pig.  Tried and true for the living room please.  :-)

Thanx for the great new info though.


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