[mythtv-users] Mythweb finds no remote controllable frontends

Ramon Hofer ramonhofer at bluewin.ch
Wed Jul 20 11:01:50 UTC 2011

On 07/20/2011 12:32 PM, Robin Hill wrote:
> On Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 12:22:38PM +0200, Ramon Hofer wrote:
>> On 07/20/2011 12:08 PM, Robin Hill wrote:
>>> On Wed Jul 20, 2011 at 11:45:45AM +0200, Ramon Hofer wrote:
>>>> My dhcpd.conf already contains all my frontends and assigns them static IPs.
>>>> So I'll just have to make it possible that my hostnames can be resolved
>>>> and mythweb will be able to connect to all my frontends?
>>> That's the simplest option, yes.
>>>> It works now when I write the frontend machines into /etc/hosts from the
>>>> backend machine.
>>>> But I'd like to be able to configure a new machine in the dhcpd.conf and
>>>> then witchcraft is used to make the resolving in the LAN.
>>>> I think the keyword here is dynamic dns which is described here:
>>>> http://www.semicomplete.com/articles/dynamic-dns-with-dhcp/
>>> It's a little tricky to set up, yes. Is there any reason you're using
>>> DHCP for these rather than using normal static IP addressing though? If
>>> you're going to fix DHCP assignation via MAC addresses then it doesn't
>>> seem any more convenient than static addresses, but with the downside
>>> that you're dependent on the DHCP server.
>> Well, I have a little alix board that runs dhcpd and bind.
>> Out of interest and because I wanted to have all the network settings at
>> one place I'm doing it like that.
>> Would you assign the static adresses in the frontend machines directly?
>> And would that solve my hostname resolving problem too?
> I'd assign the addresses directly, yes. Unless you're dealing with a
> large number of machines (and ones that are changing), then DHCP is just
> an extra hoop to jump through. Having said that, there's absolutely
> nothing preventing you from using it - providing the DHCP server is
> running then everything will work exactly the same in either case.
> To solve your hostname resolving problem, you need to add the hosts to
> your DNS. This will be the same whether you're using DHCP to assign
> them, or have them statically configured.

Ok, I only have a small network.
But I've assigned to all known MAC adresses IP adresses in the 
dhcpd.conf from the alix board (dhcp server). These contain desktop 
machines, laptops, frontends, a squeezebox, even a TV, the media server 
(mythbackend and squeezeboxserver).
These are around 20 addresses and for me it's easier like that to not 
make a complete mess.

This alix board runs great. The bigger problem is the router from my 
ISP. So I have switched it's dhcp server off and use a separate one on 
that alix board.
The reason why I did that is actually because earlier I thought I would 
be able to use it as the master backend that starts slave backends to 
record and transcode, etc.
But meanwhile I learned that it won't be possible to have such a small 
machine to only control backends and not do anything big on its own.

Now - since I have switched from a single backend/frontend combo to a 
master backend without frontend last December - it may be better to 
remove the alix board and run dhcp and dns server on the master 
backend... But then I won't be able to shut it down (although until now 
it runs 24/7)...

So most part of my LAN may just be a toy ;-)
And I actually wouldn't need bind9 :-)

>>>> But wouldn't it be easier and more logical to solve my hostname
>>>> resolving problem?
>>> Far simpler, yes. Using the database for name resolution seems akin to
>>> using a screwdriver as a hammer, just because it's handy. A DNS server
>>> is the proper tool for name resolution - you mentioned using bind9
>>> already, so just add the static addresses and frontend names to the zone
>>> files.
>> Yes, this is exactly what I thought I had to do at first and as a second
>> step I can try the thing with dynamic dnc described in the guide...
> Yes, get them added statically first, then look into dynamic updates
> later (it's not that difficult actually, but it can take a little while
> to get your head around it).

I already have looked at the bind9 configuration and zone files. But 
only when I directly wanted to set up dynamic dns. This may have been a 

Thanks alot for your advices!

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