[mythtv-users] Using MythTV Events to redirect recordings to gnutv

Gert gertk at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 18 21:12:31 UTC 2011

Op 18-07-11 19:57, Raymond Wagner schreef:
> On 7/18/2011 13:40, Gert wrote:
>> I don't want to recompile MythTV just to get support for Ziggo (DVB-C
>> with CI module and smartcard) in MythTV and until now gnutv is the only
>> program which records without problems from my FireDTV+CI cards.
> MythTV supports CI natively.  It supports any card that handles
> decryption in hardware, and exposes the high level interface.  Some
> brief searching seems to indicate the FireDTV devices can be used for
> encrypted content in MythTV without problem.  Any distributed Linux
> packages should have DVB support built in, so I don't know what you
> expect to accomplish by recompiling.
Well, simply because it does not work from within MythTV... :-)
All it gets me is 'no file' recordings:

Myth start the recording and through MythWeb I can see it thinks it is 
recording but there is no file.
All other things like getting the EIT data  work ok even as recording 
from the few unencrypted channels.

In the backend logs there is only this:

2011-06-30 15:23:43.671 TVRec(5): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2011-06-30 15:23:43.673 TVRec(5): HW Tuner: 5->5
2011-06-30 15:23:43.691 New High level CI handler
2011-06-30 15:23:43.692 Sending message=[9f 80 30 ]
2011-06-30 15:23:43.704 ProgramInfo(): Updated pathname '':'' ->
2011-06-30 15:23:43.707 Sending message=[9f 80 31 ]
Debug: 159 128 49 2 74 32 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2011-06-30 15:23:45.775 DVBSM(/dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0), Warning: Can
not count Uncorrected Blocks
                          eno: Operation not supported (95)
2011-06-30 15:23:45.797 AutoExpire: CalcParams(): Max required Free
Space: 3.0 GB w/freq: 14 min
2011-06-30 15:23:45.799 Started recording: Diagnosis murder: channel
2006 on cardid 5, sourceid 2

And then nothing..
I already tried al kinds of tuning timeout values but to no avail. Since gnutv records just fine when ordered to do so I reckoned if I would connect the recording event to gnutv it would work without digging deep into the problem. Ziggo is one of the largest cable provider in the Netherlands but they use a non-standard form of DVB-C, even channel scanning is hopeless: they transmit transponderlists for all networks, not only the network you are on. You need to enter a seperate network number on their hardware decoders to make it store the channels available on your local network. In MythTV by entering each transponder manually I can get the channels I want.


P.S. googling on FireDTV and Myth is no fun as all I get are links to 
'how to disable FireDTV' as there seems to be some conflict with another 

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