[mythtv-users] HDPVR & directv.pl questions

bigboi bigboi at wackywombats.com
Sun Jul 17 23:03:34 UTC 2011

I have an HDPVR hooked up to my mythtv box and I am trying to get the HDPVR
to work. I understand that I need a channel changing script and it looks
like there is a perl script (directv.pl) that can do the channel changing.
What I don't understand is why the script refers to baud rates when the
HDPVR is hooked up via USB. Am I looking at the wrong script to use or am I
missing something?

I am the first to admit that I may not have a complete grasp on how the
HDPVR/STB/myth box work together, but I assumed that all I need to do is
hook the HDPVR to my myth box via USB and place the IR blaster from the
HDPVR over the IR receiver on the STB (in my case a Directv H20 box) (with
the other end of the IR cable plugged into the back of the HDPVR). Then the
channel change script would do the rest (modified appropriately for my STB).
But the parts about baud rate and serial ports threw me for a loop. I guess
the part about baud rates makes some sense if that is the rate for the IR
blaster to use when talking to the STB, but the part about serial port
doesn't make sense to me for USB. Can anyone enlighten me?



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