[mythtv-users] Why do those mpeg files not play? (capture with a ceton infiniTV 4)

Ronald Frazier ron at ronfrazier.net
Sat Jul 9 20:08:49 UTC 2011

> but it does and should send the full tables through unmolested. It's
> up to the recorder to trim those down so that they only describe the
> recorded program.

You say the device SHOULD send the full tables, but the thing is that
the HDHomeRun doesn't seem to behave that way. If I tell it (via
hdhomerun_config) to select a channel and program, and then use netcat
to dump the data directly into a file, the HDHR rewrites the PAT to
remove all but the channel I'm interested in, and it removes any PMTs
(and packets from their associated PIDs) for any program I didn't
tune. So according to your suggestion, then the HDHR is currently
doing it the wrong way.

I don't know enough about the MPEG-TS standard to say which device
does it the right way (if the standard even defines how a capture
device should behave when filtering programs). However, I would
definitely say I prefer the HDHR's way of doing it, since you can feed
the raw stream straight into any media player and it just works, vs.
the Ceton's way which only has spotty support (as you said...the only
way to deal with it is error prone).

> MythTV has a class for doing this for you called MPEGStreamData
> you just need to set the desired program either in the constructor

Yeah, I figured this out already. As I mentioned in my other email
yesterday (in the other Ceton thread), I was stumbling over this issue
for several days because there were actually 2 different problems I
was dealing with, but I didn't realize it at first. The other issue
was that there is apparently a bug in the MPEGStreamData class. It
must not be a common occurrence, since nobody seemed to notice the bug
before, but the mpeg-ts stream that's coming from my cable provider is
tripping it up. The bug appears to also be present in trunk code, so
I'll be opening a ticket for it soon.

Ron Frazier

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