[mythtv-users] FW: Kworld DVB-T PC160-2T Broken by Upgrade to 0.24

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 7 10:35:05 UTC 2011

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> On Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 12:47 AM, Anthony Rooney <rooneyo at iinet.net.au>
> wrote:
> > I had a MythTv installation 0.23 running fine with the Kworld PC 160
> > dual tuner using the AF9015 BDA driver however I accidentally upgraded
> > to MythTv
> > 0.24  thinking I was installing additional components to 0.23.
> >
> Are you sure mythTV was all that you upgraded?
Yes I am absolutely sure that I accepted a live update prompt that installed
0.24 of MythTv and I certainly did not change dvd_usb_af9015.fw file.

I think I am using 4.65 reading recommendations to go with that version
however I am unsure how you check the version?
If I look at the properties of the dvd_usb_af9015.fw file I do not get
version information.

I cannot understand why upgrading from 0.23 to 0.24 could have such a
dramatic effects however browsing the message list posts tells me that this
is in fact very common that newer versions of MythTv will break previously
functioning hardware.

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