[mythtv-users] Audio briefly repeats occasionally on timestretch 1.5?

Niklas Brunlid prefect47 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 13:59:40 UTC 2011

Setup: latest ATRpms packages and digital audio using the "ALSA spdif"
output. I just switched all of my combined backend/frontend to new hardware
(except the PVR500 and Nova-T 500) so I doubt it's a hardware issue.

When playing back video and using timestretch 1.5, I occasionally get brief
blips, less than a second long, where the audio repeats something from 5-10
seconds ago, and the video seems to slow down. Everything quickly goes back
to normal. I'm not sure but I think it tends to happen more often after I've
skipped forward and/or reverse. I'm not entirely sure it only happens in 1.5
as I don't normally set it faster.

Is this a known issue? Some bug report where I can add a "me too" maybe?

/ Niklas
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