[mythtv-users] Any FIOS usesr in DFW area? (was HDHomeRun Prime)

Eric Sharkey eric at lisaneric.org
Fri Jul 1 15:44:40 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 10:09 AM, David Engel <david at istwok.net> wrote:
> That'll be nice.  I wonder, though, as more Primes and InfiniTVs get
> into use if the content providers put pressure on Verizon and Comcast
> to lock things down more.

I don't know.  The upstream content providers are often blamed for CCI
settings, but this doesn't make much sense to me since the variability
we see is not with channel, but with cable operator.  Why would the
same channel have different CCI on Time Warner vs. Verizon vs. Comcast
if it was the content providers mandating these flags and not the
cable operators?

It's possible things could go the other way.  As cable card devices
become more wide spread, customers may put pressure on the cable
companies to open up a bit more.  Well, one can hope at least.


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