[mythtv-users] After the crash: Mythdora or something else?

Anthony Korsman manak at primus.ca
Sat Jan 29 21:27:37 UTC 2011

Thanks everyone for your advice! I thought I'd give an update on what I did. 
I looked over the various steps for cloning my LVM/disks on to the new 
hardware and I guess I just got nervous about the unknown, as I had never 
cloned a boot disk before. More importantly, I did not know how long the old 
disk would last as it took  about  a dozen tries to get it to boot. I 
decided copy the data and reinstall MythDora 12.23

In hind sight, I probably would have been better off following the advice 
and done a clone, because as a minimum, I would of learned a few more 
things..But it could not have been any worse.  :-)

Anyway, with the new hard disk formatted ext3 and mounted, I copied all the 
video/recording and db onto a new disk. Ten hours later, I breathed I big 
sigh of relief.

Time to re-install  MD 12.23!! It came up looking great and mostly 
functional. (Mythdora is great for that!) The remote works, capture card is 
working, the IR blaster from CommandIR is working. WOW! That was easy, we'll 
be up and working by diner. Boy was I wrong.

Next, comes the nvidia drivers. I just grabbed them from Nvidia and started 
the install. Not so quick.. There is no cc present. Ok. Time to yum gcc. 
"All is well," I'm thinking "Start the nvidia install again"

Now the kernel source was missing. No problem, that's what yum is for. 
Except, I could not find the kernel source for the installed version. So, 
after searching everywhere, I thought I'd try a slightly newer version of 
the source. Nvidia did not like that! (No surprise, but I'm trying not to 
change anything!)

On top of that, the cable box is disconnected from the TV, and getting at 
the cables will take half an hour of emptying a book shelf.  And now the WAF 
is falling every time she walks by and sees the PVR in pieces on the floor 
in front of the TV.  Definitely, she is not happy about the mess.

Back to the PVR. It's time to upgrade the kernel. Again, it's only a small 
change. But a professor  of  mine was famous for saying, "There is no such 
things as a small change" ie : small changes in software can have huge 
impacts.  Oh well, take a deep breath.
    yum update kernel
And it rebooted fine.  Install the nvidia driver. All is well in the world.

Now, we just got to get sound. How hard could that be. Well, the mplayer 
works, fine, vlc works fine. But nothing from mythtv. Check the logs and I 
find this:
    "Mixer unable to find control PCM"
WTF!  A number of reports, but no clear solution that I could see. And after 
trying all the possible fixes, that did not work. I went back to what was 
working before: spdif via my reciever

I try a number of different things with no success getting sound via the 
spdif/reciever from mythtv, vlc, or mplayer. WAF is gone. And now my 11 year 
old daughter, with big puppy dog eyes, is wondering if she can ever watch TV 
again. The sofa is looking like a good place to sleep at this point :-) 
Anyway, for some reason, I thought, "Do I have a good connection?"
 I don't know why I thought that, but I'm glad I did. There was no software 
solution needed. I just needed to plug the spdif cable in!
Yah, that's embarrassing. I guess it got pulled when the new drive went in.

WAF is back!


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2011/1/25 Kenni Lund <kenni at kelu.dk>:
> 2011/1/24 Anthony Korsman <manak at primus.ca>:
>> I can't just clone it because the HD sizes are different. Originally, 
>> there
>> was a 500G (boot disk) combined via LVM with the 1.5T. I'm putting in a
>> working 250 G to replace to dying 500G.
> In your case, with no compelling reason to do a complete reinstall, I
> would probably manually copy everything to the new HD and postpone the
> reinstall until there's a new version of your favorite distribution
> out.

Heh, and I should read your message properly before replying. I missed
the part saying *combined via LVM* - I assumed the 500GB disk was
dedicated for root+boot.

Nevertheless, still doable, just a few more steps and a few more
things that can go wrong :-P

Best regards
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