[mythtv-users] Poll: Where are most people on the list based.....

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Thu Jan 27 20:18:51 UTC 2011

On 1/27/2011 2:17 PM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 1/27/2011 15:14, Mark D. Montgomery II wrote:
>> Quoting Another Sillyname <anothersname at googlemail.com>:
>>> I'd be interested to see where people on the list are based, just roughly...
>> And a stupid question: How do I add myself to the map?
> Sign into a google account, hit 'edit' in the top left, click the blue placemark and place it somewhere.

I don't think he needs a google account. I set it open to everyone. (does someone still need a google account for that?
(that would suck)


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