[mythtv-users] Watch TV hangs on Please Wait...

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Thu Jan 27 12:03:15 UTC 2011

2011/1/27  <diespambox at gmx.net>:
> Hi,
> Clifford Snow <clifford at snowandsnow.us> wrote:
>> In the last few days, I keep getting "Please Wait ..." when going to Watch
>> TV.  MythTV successfully records all the schedule programs and allows
>> playback of the recorded items.  It seems to be just the Watch TV selection
>> that is not working.
> I see this too, could you check wether there are more than one
> recordings created? If i start LiveTv, i get stuck at the "Please
> Wait .." screen and there are tow recordings created in the livetv
> group. One recording is empty (size 0B) and the second is recording
> just fine (I am able to watch the recorded show if i start it via
> "watch recordings")

I didn't check if two recordings were created, but at least one
recording was created and it recorded just fine while the frontend was
stuck at "Please wait..."

Best regards

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