[mythtv-users] [maybe OT][solved] timestamp overlay on nuv file

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Wed Jan 26 11:03:16 UTC 2011


Just thought that I would post this for completion in the event
someone is asking the same question in the future and finds this

For now I've solved the overlaying time stamp problem using the
subtitle approach defined on the net in a few places. I basically
build a .srt file with timestamp info as required and then use
mencoder or the likes to overlay that on the video. This isn't my most
favourite approach but does it for now.

I also got some feedback from the gstreamer team. The timeoverlay
element source code currently starts at t=0 but they suggested that if
someone would write a property to give a user defined time line then
there would be value in pushing that upstream. This I think would be a
great approach. When I get a chance I hope to look into this (though
don't know when that will be).

Hope this helps.

Bye for now

>> On 17 January 2011 10:10, jeetu.golani at gmail.com <jeetu.golani at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > I've been trying to figure this out and google it but haven't come up
>> > with a
>> > truly satisfactory solution yet. I would sincerely appreciate if someone
>> > could share insight on how I could go about this.
>> >
>> > What I would like doing is to take the output nuv file of Mythtv and
>> > overlay
>> > it with the timestamp it was recorded at.
>> >
>> > Closest I've come across using gstreamer and the timeoverlay element
>> > (tried
>> > this on mpg files and not nuv though as I understand it gstreamer
>> > supports
>> > nuv). This falls short since I haven't figured out a way to provide the
>> > time
>> > to the timeoverlay element wherein it can then display that.
>> >
>> > There has been a patch for an earlier release of mplayer/mencoder
>> > (http://onebithq.com/root/mplayer/cctv) that supposedly includes this
>> > functionality however I haven't been able to bring it to compile (even
>> > if I
>> > check out the earlier branch).
>> >
>> > Any clues would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks
>> >
>> > Bye for now
>> >
>> >
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>> Any timestamp stored separately from the actual file is subject to
>> compromise and introduces management issues.
>> The best way to ensure timestamping accuracy is add it to the file
>> during the transcode.
>> Regards
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