[mythtv-users] Help understand the interface of Myth Media & Video Gallery

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 25 13:45:51 UTC 2011

Hi Raymond

Thank you for your feedback, which is most appreciated.

How do you configure storage groups in Myth Video?  I have not found any

 How do you reference a folder on another PC?

In Windows you use the //computer name/ folder name convention?  How do you
do this in Myth video?

I have had little luck with storage groups in MythTv having the default
/var/mythtv/Recordings and tried to also point to another larger drive
mounted in /media/Store/Recordings.

When I entered the additional location into the "default group"I got the
error that it was not a valid location even though I can see it in my file
system exactly as I entered it case sensitive and all.

I cross checked in MythTv setup Storage Groups and I found it pointed to
/media/Store/Recordings/ (with the extra forward slash) which I edited out
to only find it was appended by the system again when I save.

So even though I can browse to /media/Store/Recordings through places I
cannot get Mythtv to save recording to the 700 GB resource which is so
frustrating due to a simple syntax error that I cannot resolve.  This is the
problem with so much configuration that is character based  - it is not user
friendly and frankly OUT OF DATE.

Now again how do I configure storage groups in Myth Video?

Would the inclusion of a simple map to folder interface be beyond the
abilities of Myth developers instead of providing an interface that is so
error prone?

Many Thanks


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On 1/24/2011 08:34, Anthony Rooney wrote:
> I would like a music library that lists music that is located in 
> various physical locations as one centralised logical store.  Can this 
> be done with Myth Music?

With storage groups in MythVideo and recordings, you can define storage on
multiple backends, and MythTV will seamlessly mix them together and stream
them to any frontend.  MythMusic has not yet been migrated over to using
them, and still relies on local storage.  You will have to mount each share
in the same place on each frontend.

If you have a Linux box running as an always-on backend, why not take
advantage of it?  Move all your music to one central location, and share it
out to your PCs from there.  Seems like the most logical setup to me whether
using MythTV or any other media center application.  Having content
scattered all across your network just seems like a messy configuration.
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