[mythtv-users] Comcast Digital Switchover Configuring - Recommendations?

Tom Bongiorno tom at bongohut.com
Tue Jan 25 02:36:37 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 8:53 PM, Tom Bongiorno <tom at bongohut.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 7:22 PM, Mark D. Montgomery II
> <techiem2 at techiem2.net> wrote:
>> So Wednesday Comcast finally pulled the plug on analog here, so I'm
>> wondering what the standard procedure is for reconfiguring the tuners on
>> Mythtv, and whether I should grab an antenna (would be inside, but right by
>> an outside wall) to hook up to one of my hdhomerun inputs.
>> I currently have both my hdhomerun inputs plugged into the cable, as well as
>> the WinTV PVR-500 card.
>> At a quick glance the PVR still seems to be pulling in the local stations
>> and some others (maybe comcast hasn't fulling pulled the plug on all the
>> analog yet...like FSN is still coming in over analog).
>> Some channels are fine and others are showing the Comcast "You need a
>> digital adapter" message.
>> So what is the common procedure?  Delete all listings and have the devices
>> rescan then delete out the non-real channels?
>> What is the typical SchedulesDirect configuration for such a setup?  Right
>> now I think I had everything set to use plain Comcast listings or whatever.
>>  Can you have different tuners use a different listing (can you have
>> multiple listings setup on SchedulesDirect?  I haven't really messed with it
>> much other than the original setup - it's time for me to renew now).
>> Thanks.
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> If you are still getting local channels in analog, it will be short
> lived.  They are dropping all analog channels with locals being the
> last to go in February in my area (Southern NJ).  I wouldn't waste my
> time scanning for the remaining "real" analog channels.  It will be a
> lot of work for a few weeks of recordings.  If you still want to
> capture SD analog channels, you should be able to record off of a DTA
> which is free.  Your analog tuner will have to tune channel 3 or 4 and
> use a blaster to change the channel on the DTA.  You will not get your
> full set of channels though.  I have never used an analog recorder, so
> someone else may have to help you with that.  You could use your card
> to record S-Video off of an SD STB if you are willing to pay the
> rental fee.  This will also require blasting the STB to change the
> channel, unless you are dual purposing an HD STB where you can use
> FireWire (IEEE1394) to change the channel.
> The HDHomeRun is an unencrypted clear-QAM tuner and will always get
> you the major networks in HD.  The only problem is that Comcast could
> change the channel frequencies from time to time and force you to
> rescan.  I use the SchedulesDirect Broadcast (OTA) listing for my QAM
> tuner, and the Comcast Digital lineup for my HD-PVR tuner.  The HD-PVR
> would be similar to your analog tuner in that the STB does the tuning
> so you will never have to rescan.
> Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention that the S-Video solution will give you the full
channel lineup, even HD channels, in SD.

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