[mythtv-users] Comcast Digital Switchover Configuring - Recommendations?

Mark D. Montgomery II techiem2 at techiem2.net
Tue Jan 25 00:22:45 UTC 2011

So Wednesday Comcast finally pulled the plug on analog here, so I'm  
wondering what the standard procedure is for reconfiguring the tuners  
on Mythtv, and whether I should grab an antenna (would be inside, but  
right by an outside wall) to hook up to one of my hdhomerun inputs.

I currently have both my hdhomerun inputs plugged into the cable, as  
well as the WinTV PVR-500 card.
At a quick glance the PVR still seems to be pulling in the local  
stations and some others (maybe comcast hasn't fulling pulled the plug  
on all the analog yet...like FSN is still coming in over analog).
Some channels are fine and others are showing the Comcast "You need a  
digital adapter" message.

So what is the common procedure?  Delete all listings and have the  
devices rescan then delete out the non-real channels?

What is the typical SchedulesDirect configuration for such a setup?   
Right now I think I had everything set to use plain Comcast listings  
or whatever.  Can you have different tuners use a different listing  
(can you have multiple listings setup on SchedulesDirect?  I haven't  
really messed with it much other than the original setup - it's time  
for me to renew now).


Mark II

Mark D. Montgomery II
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