[mythtv-users] After the crash: Mythdora or something else?

Anthony Korsman manak at primus.ca
Mon Jan 24 02:22:22 UTC 2011


I'd like some advice on how to move forward. My Mythdora 12.23 FE/BE system is about to quit from a dying boot hard drive. I've got everything backed up and I'm ready to rebuild on a new boot disk. While I know Fedora 12 is out of date, it worked just fine. I was even holding off on 0.24 because WAF. I know Jarrod and friends are considering a distro with less churn, but nothing is out any time soon. All of my experience has been with Redhat or fedora, so I'm hesitant to try another distro because I need to get this back up soon. Anyway, before the WAF goes straight out the window because the PVR is down, I'd like some advice,  pros/cons on replacing. OR should I just sit tight and put Mythdora 12.23 back in? 

Hardware setup
250G for OS, mythtv and live TV 
1.5TB storage drive
ivtv videos capture from cable TV: Adaptec VideOh! AVC-2010
irblaster/receiver from http://www.commandir.com/ (pricey but it works great!)
video out via dvi from nvidia 210 
audio out via spdiff to my 5.1 receiver


Jarrod and friends, you guys have done great work with Mythdora!

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