[mythtv-users] OT: XBMC on Apple TV2 and iPad

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Sat Jan 22 06:39:56 UTC 2011

>However this whole argument is irrelevant.  The key point of my post 
>is that the ATV2, as specified by the Apple website, will not handle 
>any HD content recorded by MythTV in its original form.  You will 
>need to spend vast amounts of time transcoding at a fraction of real 
>time, to get your content down to a form playable on the device. 
>Until the XBMC devs get some real performance information about the 
>real capabilities beyond of the specs published by Apple, it is too 
>early to plan anything.  They're not going to do so until the code 
>evolves beyond an unstable, developmental branch (that's the answer 
>they gave when I asked).

hw decode from VideoToolBox can handle much higher "specs" than what 
is listed on apple's web site. I'm seeing no problems with H at L5.1 :)

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