[mythtv-users] locked into a multirec during LiveTV when a recording starts

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Fri Jan 21 15:37:29 UTC 2011

 I have enabled multirec on my HDHRs.  Because I have scheduled more 
 recordings, I find that I am having more conflicts between watching 
 LiveTV and getting pinched into the multi-rec group when I attempt to 
 change channels in LiveTV.

 Remedy is either to exit back to menu until the new recording begins so 
 that I am assigned another tuner when I return to LiveTV, or I must 
 change inputs (same thing).

 My guess is that there's a smart thing to do involving setup of 
 recording groups or some other group so that I don't keep colliding with 
 the multiplexes used under multirec.  Is it something like "assign the 
 last two tuners from a dual HDHR to recording group 'HDOTA' and be sure 
 to use that group when defining the recording schedules"?????


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