[mythtv-users] OTA/DTV tuner-card related questions, recommendations

James Miller gajs-f0el at dea.spamcon.org
Thu Jan 20 23:21:16 UTC 2011

Steven wrote:

> In fact if you have a composite input (in addition to the co-ax input) 
> on your PVR-150, you may be able to use it for both your cable 
> connection and the output from your gov't converter box. Still gonna 
> have to mess with lirc though.

I do have composite input on this card, yes. Initial tests of this 
possibility--sans lirc mucking--are encouraging. Much better picture than 
I got running the coax from the Zinwell converter into my BT878. But an 
important question arises: if recordings should happen to come up at the 
same time on both the composite and coax inputs of the PVR150, what 
happens? Can it record/transcode from both inputs simultaneously?

Also, regarding lirc. I don't see a need for using a remote. So I wouldn't 
want to fiddle with it for that purpose. But as I'm understanding this I 
need to implement it along with relevant configuration files so that 
mythtv can control the Zinwell, e.g., change channels when it's time to 
record from that input. Am I on the right track here in planning on not 
setting up any IR remote but simply getting the proper configuration in 
place to allow mythtv to control this converter box? Again, I use an old 
ps2 keyboard with extension cable for interacting with my mythtv--which 
works fine for my purposes.


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