[mythtv-users] Technotrend C-2300, LOCK but no data on encrypted channels

Hugo Sigurdson hugo at sigurdson.net
Wed Jan 19 20:34:42 UTC 2011

On 01/19/2011 08:40 PM, Mattias Vik wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 20:30, Hugo Sigurdson<hugo at sigurdson.net>  wrote:
>> On 01/19/2011 08:16 PM, Mattias Vik wrote:
>>>>>> Hi!
>>>>>> I have a Technotrend C-2300 which have been working great with MythTV
>>>>>> on Mythbuntu 9.04 for both FTA and encrypted channels.
>>>>>> About two weeks ago I decided to reinstall my HTPC and install Gentoo
>>>>>> instead, as that is the distro I usually prefer... but whatever I
>>>>>> tried, I just
>>>>>> couldn't get the C-2300 to work with encrypted channels.
>>>>>> I tried kernel 2.6.32, 2.6.34 and 2.6.36, and I always get a lock on
>>>>>> the encrypted channels, but there seems like I get no data.
>>>>>> So I then tried installing Mythbuntu again, but now I can't get it to
>>>>>> work with that either, it's the same error.
>>>>>> I have tried every Mythbuntu version from 8.04 to 10.10, and whatever
>>>>>> I do I just get the same result.
>>>>>> So then I tried to put in my old Technotrend C-1500 instead, and with
>>>>>> that I get LOCK and picture/audio, but, for some reason
>>>>>> that card only get about 55% signal, whereas the C-2300 always get
>>>>>> atleast 80%... so some channels are unwatchable with the C-1500.
>>>>> That's common problem of (at least certain) Technotrend cards that have
>>>>> massive tuning problems.
>>>>>> Can someone please give me some more advice on what I can try to get
>>>>>> the C-2300 to get data on encrypted channels again?
>>>>>> (btw, I've tried every firmware I could find for it, all with the same
>>>>>> results)
>>>>>> I'm starting to think that the card somehow is broken... which would
>>>>>> be odd, as all I did was reinstall, and it works perfectly for FTA
>>>>>> channels.
>>>>>> Mplayer says it gets a TS stream, but on encrypted channels it just
>>>>>> hangs there, whereas on FTA channels it finds video and audio and then
>>>>>> plays the stream.
>>>>>> I've also tried with both CI and softcam, and it says it gets the
>>>>>> correct key and LOCK, but still no data.
>>>>>> I'm out of ideas!, all suggestions are welcome.
>>>>> I completely gave up with TT cards at one point because they are buggy
>>>>> not well supported. Switched to KNC and never looked back.
>>>>> Of course this is not an answer to your question, and you at least
>>>>> seemed to have the 2300 working in the past, so it's indeed strange that it
>>>>> doesn't work anymore after the re-install.
>>>>> Did you do any hardware changes at the same time? Are you using separate
>>>>> CIs for the 1500 and the 2300?
>>>>> Jan.
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>>>> I didn't change any hardware except adding one harddrive when I did
>>>> the reinstall, which I think would be very strange if that would do
>>>> any difference on the dvb card.
>>>> Yes, it's separate CI's, the one for the C-1500 is internal, and the
>>>> one for the C-2300 is for 3,5"... but I only have one Conax module and
>>>> card from my cable provider, so can only use one at a time.
>>>> I think the easiest solution is probably to buy a new DVB-C tuner (and
>>>> not a Technotrend this time!)... is there any other internal (PCI or
>>>> PCIe) full feature dvb-c cards besides the TT C-2300?
>>>> Found this one:
>>>> http://www.dvbshop.net/product_info.php/info/p2258_Mystique-CaBiX-C2--DVB-C--HDTV--CI-Connector--Windows-Linux.html
>>>> says it's the same as the KNC ONE...
>>>> but nowhere does it say if it's a FF or Budget card.
>>>> I still think it's very weird I can't get it to work though, as I did
>>>> have it working before the reinstall... but I'm tired of messing with
>>>> this now, have reinstalled 10+ times the last two weeks trying to get
>>>> it to work... and I can say the gf's patience with not being able to
>>>> watch TV is starting to run out (I'm lucky most channels also make the
>>>> shows she's interested in available for free on the web).
>>>> Thanks for your reply.
>>>> /Mattias
>>> Forgot to ask, will the CI-interface I already have for the C-1500 or
>>> C-2300 work with the Mystique/KNC card, or do I need buy a new one?
>>> I also found a "Digital Devices DuoFlex CT Dual DVB-C/DVB-T", but I
>>> haven't found any definitive answer anywhere if this card will work in
>>> Linux.
>>> Would be great if that would work... it's possible to get 2, 4 or 8
>>> tuners on one PCIe x1 with that one.
>>> I found that there is a CI-interface that supports MTD (Multi
>>> Transponder Decrypting), I've never heard of that before... does it
>>> work with a Conax CAM? (I live in Sweden and have Com Hem as my cable
>>> provider).
>>> /Mattias
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>> The CI-Interface from KNC-cards is not compatible with TT-cards.
>> And I've had problems with KNC-cards and Comhem, I use 4 TT C-1501 cards and
>> they all work perfectly with Comhem.
>> /Hugo
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> Hmm... but how good is the signal with the C-1501 cards?
> As I replaced my C-1500 with the C-2300 several years ago because the
> signal on the C-1500 is really bad.
> I'm just tired of messing with this now, so want to buy a new card
> that will just work.
> And now I'm not sure if I should get C-1501 or the Mystique/KNC one.
> I guess the CI for the C-1500 work with the C-1501?
> In that case it wouldn't cost much to buy a C-1501 to try, and if that
> doesn't work get a Mystique/KNC with new CI if I get a bad signal with
> the C-1501.
> /Mattias
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89-98% (Checked, SVT1-2, Discovery, TV4 Komedi, Canal+ Hits)
I have a 4-way powered splitter connected to those cards, and kind of 
expensive cables (gold connectors and such).

I'm not sure if the CI-interface works, but they do look a like. Also I 
made my own cables that connect the CI to the tuner.
That made a bit of differance.

I got my cards from 

And the CI-cable from Elfa.


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