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Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 22:06:57 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 10:55 AM, cbeerse at gmail.com <cbeerse at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1-1-2011 23:43, sgargash at comcast.net wrote:
> I've been happily running Mythtv for a long time, since 0.4 and I've been on
> .19  with a bunch of Media MVPs as frontends for a few years now. Over the
> last week, I've been in the process of upgrading to .24 (with a new machine)
> and I've realized that what I want from a convergence platform has changed.
> I still want a backend that holds all my media and to be able to access it
> from multiple frontends, but the meaning of "frontend" has evolved. There
> are devices that speak Myth protocol (classic frontends) and others that
> don't and never will (DLNA TV, Roku box), some of which support streaming
> (frontends, laptops), some of which that support storage (MP3 players), and
> some that support both (tablet, smartphone).  And then there's all the
> different formats and resolutions that devices do or don't support.
> You already mention 'DLNA'. As far as I know and experience, MythTV has/does
> some dlna since some versions. It started as additional stuff but is in the
> core distribution since some versions, I guess .20 or such. I'm sure it is
> in .23 and .24 but it is not perfect: My Philips TV (42pfl9603) does list
> the recordings and other stuff (I only tested the recordings) but it does
> not show the contents, hence it does not do a proper transcoding-on-the-fly,
> at least not for me.

There are no plans afaik to introduce on the fly transcoding, but
there are other dlna/upnp servers that will do so and which will work
with mythtv.

> I suspect my problem is somewhere in the middle: the TV is relative picky on
> the mpeg2 files it can handle from usb too: there is an odd 2 GB limit in
> there.

2GB file limit isn't some FAT filesystem limit is it?

> Judging from my google searches, my desire is not unique.  I found the upnp
> server (haven't gotten it to work), mythroku channel, etc.  But these seem
> kind of ad hoc and with various degrees of support.  Given that it's open
> source, I'm not surprised, but is there something that I've missed?  How are
> other people handling sharing their media data with lots of different types
> of devices?  I'd lke to continue using mythtv, but is there another project
> that would be more appropriate for my desired use? Alternatively, is there
> any work on backend plugins (supporting different protocols on top of a
> common database), on-the-fly transcoding and exporting media data via
> virtual filesystems?

No but coding suggestions are welcome, and see above re other dlna
servers. You might find this thread on the mythbutu forums interesting


> Your call to 'upnp' is related to 'dlna': the later one is a restriction
> and/or more narrow specification of the first. Check wiki for details
> CBee
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