[mythtv-users] Dish Network Channel Changing Script

Patrick Marconi patrick.marconi at live.com
Mon Jan 17 20:49:50 UTC 2011

Jim, I will give this a try I think the included "up channel" command may be the main trick to solve my problems, I'm not sure I will be very successful in changing the program guide download times though due to lack of my own time. I think I might go the opposite route set it at 4am and just not allow anything to be programmed for recording at that time - I wonder if there is a way to make that a rule that mythtv knows about ? BTW your other tips were good to know, the HD/non HD program guide issue hasn't been a problem so far because I have the sat box attached to myth in the basement and is only really used by me, but since I'm trying to make this more available to the rest of the family it could be an issue in the future.

> Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 08:18:47 -0500
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> On 1/15/2011 1:48 PM, Patrick Marconi wrote:
> > Does anyone have a good Dish Network Channel Changing Script, I've 
> > tried several versions over time and none of them seem to get around 
> > the problem of getting stuck a t somepoint due to a schedule download 
> > or just ending up in "Customer Service" mode.
> > Patrick
> I use this one -
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/dish-change-channel-lirc.sh
> and it works fine. I do sometimes need to change the time at which the 
> box is going to check for updates to keep it from ruining a recording. 
> That can be done under preferences on the VIP STB. I keep it set for 4am 
> usually. I also keep an eye on upcoming recordings and if something is 
> going to record at that time I temporarily change the update setting.
> Another thing to note with Dish is that the Dish guide can be toggled 
> between HD Only, Subscribed Channels and All Channels. You need to set 
> it on Subscribed channels and then hide the remote. I learned the hard 
> way that if it is set to HD Only and Myth tries to tune a non-HD channel 
> it goes the the nearest HD channel and Myth happily records the wrong 
> channel.
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