[mythtv-users] Reference fanless frontend, frontend, backend, fe/be

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Fri Jan 14 18:52:21 UTC 2011

On 14 Jan 2011, at 09:21, Paul Gardiner wrote:

> On 13/01/2011 22:55, Andre wrote:
>> On 13 Jan 2011, at 21:40, Richard Morton wrote:
>>> I had an online discussion with someone (not on this list) that was
>>> being very patronising and abusive while telling me that hi is
>>> transcoding a bluray rip to 2gb (from 25gb) and it is completely
>>> lossless.
>> Does he work for Adobe? ;-) they seem to think that sort of thing is possible!
>>> However; this does highlight a point jedi's point. both are 1080p
>>> encodes of a movie, both are in H264 and yet not both will playback on
>>> the same hardware, the more data the more processing required.
>> Never mind the myriad combinations of encoding tools and schemes available even within a fixed profile. I could easily generate a perfectly valid H264 encode at common rates that wouldn't playback on any current cpu in software and vdpau would barf on too. I had something much like that recently for a customer who wanted 1080p at 4Mb/s but they couldn't find anything fast enough to play the resulting files, looked ok for 4Mb/s but certainly nothing near even bad bluray quality.
>> Looking at the BBC HD threads I think the BBC just recently did the same!
> Actually BBC HD recordings look great, and play back perfectly with
> vdpau (other than a memory leak, which might not be BBC HD specific).
> There was a problem searching within these recordings, because of
> a missing case in myth's H264 parser, but that's hopefully fixed now.

I've been following the threads, including your much appreciated work on the problem, but BBC HD doesn't play back that well here on three different systems, one vdpau, one osx and one with a huge cpu. I've been away until just recently but hoping to get some time to get to the bottom of it in the next week or so, currently regretting the upgrade to 0.24, I wouldn't mind the nagging audio problems back now!


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