[mythtv-users] Building new Mythtv Box

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Jan 10 23:20:21 UTC 2011

On 01/10/2011 03:10 PM, Joe wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 2:15 PM, jedi<jedi at mishnet.org>  wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:43:49AM -0500, Joe wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:35 AM, R. G. Newbury<newbury at mandamus.org>  wrote:
>>>> Ditch the Nvidia 6200. You have FIOS so you get HD. You really need at least
>>>> a 9500GT or newer (GT220 etc) for vdpau to lower the load on the CPU. That
>>>> CPU will work, but will be stressed if you are recording and playing at the
>>>> same time.
>>> I agree with everything Geoff said except the above comment about
>>> needing VDPAU... My current main BE/FE is using the onboard Geforce
>>> 6150 LE ... Records on all three tuners (dual HDHomeRun + PVR-150) and
>>> simultaneously plays back HD to our LCD TV just fine.  CPU is an older
>>> dual core Athlon (5200+ speed grade maybe?) but it's nowhere near it's
>>> limits.
>>     The older nvidias are likely to not support modern video inputs.
>> An 8x00 card can be had cheaply and is really the bare minimum of what
>> you want to be dealing with these days.
> I assume you mean video outputs?   I am guessing that the OP has
> already checked that the video card he's thinking of using has the
> appropriate output to connect to the display.  Otherwise a change is
> obviously needed.... But as I said before, my old onboard 6150LE, as
> pitful as many might consider that to be, works just fine when playing
> 1080i/720p content captured via HDHomeRun.  The LCD display I have
> right now on it is only a 32"/720p, but I used to have a 42" 1080p
> display and can vouch that it worked just fine on that too, driving it
> at 1920x1080 via HDMI.
> True that it's a cheap upgrade -- but I also don't see the reason to
> automatically blacklist a 6xxx based video card just because it's now
> unpopular... it works just fine for my setup and probably others as
> well.  Depends on your needs.  As far as I can tell the only thing
> VDPAU really buys you is better deinterlacing options, but that's also
> a personal preference thing.

Well better deinterlacing DOES make a difference. And the OP is sitting 
on an FIOS service, so he probably gets good signals and they really 
need to be treated correctly. Your system was/is probably doing 
everything in software on the CPU. Good for you. But not what he should 
be aiming at. (And that means vdpau, which your chipset cannot do, iirc).

              R. Geoffrey Newbury			

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