[mythtv-users] MythMusic and umlauts in file system *REOPENING*

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Sun Jan 9 16:46:52 UTC 2011

On Sat, Jan 08, 2011 at 11:26:01AM +0100, dargllun wrote:
> On 06.01.2011 16:43, dargllun wrote:
> >On 01.01.2011 10:57, dargllun wrote:
> >>Happy New Myth Year Everyone!
> >>
> >>I noticed that my mythmusic 0.24-fixes installation can't handle tracks
> >>with umlauts in the file name or directory hierarchy anymore. This
> >>worked with 0.23-fixes.
> >>
> >>To test this, I cleared the entire music db by moving all content away
> >>from /var/lib/mythtv/music/, and rescanned. Then I moved a directory
> >>having an umlaut in its name back into the collection and scanned again:
> >
> >There was some discussion on the list yesterday wrt cleaning MythMusic's
> >db. It seems like just emptying the music collection and doing a rescan
> >is not enough. You also need to truncate the corresponding db entries
> >(music_{songs,artists,albums,genres}). I used phpMyAdmin to do that.
> >After enabling the collection and a rescan everything was there,
> >including the albums with umlauts.
> Unfortunately I did not test this thoroughly enough: while the DB
> looks now all well and sanely populated, the MythMusic plugin is
> still not able to locate any MP3 with Umlauts in their names (such
> albums by Röyksopp or Céline Dion), I'm getting an error -2 in the

    Make sure that your client language settings are correct and the
same as what MythTV is expecting when you are viewing and manipulating
international characters in the database. I had problems along these
lines myself and it turned out that there was a disconnect between
MythTV and the defaults for the database & client connections.

    Ultimately, I had to tweak my my.cnf file to make sure that all
db connections were using the right language options. Dunno if that's
part of your problem but it's something worth looking at.

> log and on the screen, and playing stops. This sucks majorly - what
> can I do about it?
> Is there any relevant setting to make in Myth or the DB, with regard
> to character encoding (UTF, ISO, ...)?
> This has become a complete show stopper for listing to our Music
> collection, and WAF is beginning to drop.
> Thanks for any assistance!
> Greg
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