[mythtv-users] Two Terratec Cinergy DBV-C cards

Tapani Tarvainen mythtv at tapanitarvainen.fi
Sun Jan 9 07:58:12 UTC 2011

Has anybody tried using two Terratec Cinergy DBV-C cards
or other mantis-based cards in one mythtv box?
I can't seem to get them work properly.

Both cards work fine by themselves, but not simultaenously.
If recordings on them overlap, the one starting later fails:
it seems to do fine, recording appears in the database,
but no file is saved;
if one is recording, livetv using the second fails,
showing (good) signal strength and partial lock,
screen remains blank.

The same machine had two DVB-T cards (Terratec XXS usb)
previously with no such problems.

I'm beginning to suspect there's something wrong with
the mantis driver, that it can't handle two cards at
the same time.
Any suggestions for testing this or other possible
causes would be much appreciated.

I'm running mythbuntu 10.10 (mythtv 0.23.1+fixes),
x86_64 kernel, in case it matters.

Tapani Tarvainen

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