[mythtv-users] HDhomerun - Channel setup howto?

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Sat Jan 8 15:12:28 UTC 2011

David Rees wrote:
> I just got a HDhomerun the other day and am in the process of setting it up.
>  Going to be using it to record the unencrypted channels off my cable
> connection.  Currently using two PVR-250s to also record analog content -
> but after watching a bit of HD content on my roku I've been spoiled so had
> to get some more HD content!
> I feel like I'm missing something in the setup.  Here's what I've done so
> far:
> 1. Scanned channels using HDhomerun windows utility.
> 2. Gone to schedulesdirect.org and added a new digital lineup with only
> channels enabled that are sent in the clear.
> 3. Run mythtv-setup, added tuners, assigned to new digital lineup.
> 4. Ran channel scan.
> Now this where I got a bit list - during the channel scan I just added all
> channels that it said it found (found 3 different groups, IIRC).  Looking at
> my channel list now I have all these strange channels - none of which match
> up with the SD lineup.
> Now, I kind of assume that just need to go through and edit the channel
> lineup manually so it matches the SD lineup and then the proper schedule
> will start showing up.  Then I can adjust channel priorities to my desire so
> that HD content is preferred over SD content.
> Seems like a bit of a PITA - and I only have a couple dozen channels to do.
>  How can I help ensure I've got the right channels?
> Thanks
> Dave
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FWIW, I maintain two listings, one on a 
file_server/print_server/myth_backend which lists
only the HD channels from the HDHRs.
Scanning does give some channels that I don't want so I just delete those.
On my laptops I scan and show the SD channels since once in a while 
there is something that I want which is not available in HD and I still 
have several ways to capture these includeing even an old <gasp> 
networked Tivo 1.
The SD scan also gives me a few hits that are only available from 
FireWire and/or S-Video from the cable box.
YMMV I tend to record a lot, watch little, and keep almost nothing.
Most playback is through a O!play and my favorite program seems to be X8 
or X16 ( fast forward ).
This setup works out very well for me and it's surprising how little I 
end up using a real FE which is on another box.
I'm now searching for a BluRay box to add to the network but that will 
be another topic.

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