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Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Fri Jan 7 02:10:52 UTC 2011

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> From: "Steven Adeff" <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com>

> > So, now comes the important question:
> >
> > Will the 3- and 6-tuner units be able to simultaneously tune that
> > many channels
> > *all of which require the CableCard to do something*
> > *simultaneously*.
> I believe the CableCard 2 specs allow for up to four tuners to use one
> card, which is why the Ceton InfinitTV4 is a quad tuner device.

Ok, I just did the research I should have done before posting that; sorry,
Steve.  :-)  An M-card can handle up to six tuners, according to Wikipedia.

> > And, isn't the industry about to *replace* CableCard with the Next
> > Big Thing,
> > such that you won't actually be able to *get* a CableCard anymore?
> I figure we have at least a few years before the successor gets chosen
> and devices released. I also don't see the cable companies phasing out
> the cablecard system immediately, so figure enough time to make the
> purchase price worth it for many people.

It's called AllVid:


And it's much more tenuous than fragmentary news coverage had led me to

> As with all things, if the price doesn't make sense your not forced to
> buy this.

You misunderstand me: I was concerned on SiliconDust's behalf; while 
I'm sure we're not their *only* target market, they're sticking their 
neck out a bit, and I appreciate it, and I'd hate to see them get nailed 
like that.

One point I'd like to toss in here, based on the CableCard WP article:

there was some contention as to whether a physical card was necessary;
the content providers would prefer something downloadable.

Personally, I hate that idea, cause it would probably make it effectively
impossible for companies like SD to come out with products like the 
HDHomeRun without the MPAA's hands in their back pockets.  Which would
likely not be good for Myth.</rant>

-- jra

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