[mythtv-users] stereo and 5.1?

Jack Lockard jacklockard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 16:11:37 UTC 2011

> So did a Samsung I bought, and took back for this exact reason.  Got an
> LG instead and it passes through DD and DTS (to get 5.1 channels to the
> receiver).
> > I didn't realize this
> > beforehand, but apparently this common 'feature' with most TVs.
> Common.  Perhaps.  Lame?  Yes, always.
> As long as the source does not flag the content as protected, there is
> no reason or obligation not to pass through DD or DTS over an optical
> connection from the TV to the receiver, IMHO.  Any TV that does is just
> being lame, again, IMHO.

I completely agree. I think it was an avsforum thread that clued me in on
this.  The root of the problem was something along the lines of a lot
consumer TVs reporting themselves as a 2-channel audio device to the HDMI
source.  I not familiar enough with HDMI to know if that would cause
problems, but 5.1 HDMI->optical passthrough is definitely something I'll be
considering for my next TV purchase.
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