[mythtv-users] seeking upgrade advice 0.20 -> 0.23 backend database

Clay ctmythtv at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 4 23:24:11 UTC 2011

Ross Camm wrote:
> I have been running on mythtv 0.20 for over 4 years and have not wanted to
> upgrade ( its complicated )...until now
> I want to go from 0.20 to 0.23 as unbuntu 10.04 is on 0.23, which is on
> all clients.
> the reason for finally upgrading is moving  to HD on ASUS AT5IONT-I and it
> needs VDPAU...not available in 0.20...so time to move forward.
> Backend questions are:
> 1. Can I upgrade straight from 0.20 to 0.23 using ? Will the database be
> migrated in this case ? Do I need to run scripts or does an upgrade
> magically happen upon backend startup ? Any known issues ?
> 2. My current backend is Debian Lenny ( 4.0 ). I know I have no hope of
> installing 0.23 as a debian package on this, but if I compile the source
> on ubuntu 10.04, what are the chances of a 'make install' on Lenny
> resulting in a successful backend running ? Will this also perform an
> 'upgrade' of the database ?
> 3. Finally, if I can't get 0.23 on lenny, how would I migrate the backend
> to ubuntu 10.4 to then 'upgrade/install' using deb package management,
> while still keeping the database intact ?
> Any insight appreciated.
> Thanks

I went from 0.21 to 0.23, and Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04, all on a new Master 
BE box.
Been a while but iirc I followed the instructions in the MythTV Wiki.

The DB required some massaging, including some checking and fixing 
before even beginning the upgrade process.

Once everything was in place (after a couple trips back to the original 
DB backup, to start over) the upgrade process takes the DB from 0.21 to 
0.22, then to 0.23 right in the terminal so you can watch it morph.

Michael Dean has done excellent work on the upgrade scripts. Thanks for 
that Mike!

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