[mythtv-users] HDPVR recording failures and audio dropouts

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> audio dropouts
> I'm in the 32 bit Windows camp with 32 bit linux (Slackware 13.0) and
> the only issues I've had so far was the audio sync, which got
> corrected with a nightly cron job to reset the box.  The other issue I
> had was the green line at the bottom of the recordings, but I haven't
> seen that lately, I think I fixed that with a resolution change coming
> out of my Dish Network STB.

Can you post the method you use for restting the box?  I have 2 HDPVRs and
they frequently stop responding at which point I get zero-byte recordings
with no warnings.  I would like to set something up where the boxes get
reset on a regular basis to prevent this but I'm not sure how much needs to
be done.  Power cycle?  Rmmod hdpvr?  Restart mythbackend?  How far do yo
ugo to reset them?

BTW, I have H20 boxes from DirecTV and the drivers but I still have
problems with the HDPVRs getting into a funky state on a pretty regular
basis.  Kernel is Gentoo 2.6.36-r5.

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