[mythtv-users] Speaking of Remotes....

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Sat Jan 1 18:44:36 UTC 2011

The Remotes delay settings are set in the software


However, with the 600/650/700 the Power and Interdevice delays have been 
moved to the remote itself


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On 1 Jan 2011, at 07:12, E. Westbrook wrote:

> Overall, I'm delighted with the new Harmony 700.  I was prepared for the 
> UI to be too "helpful" to let me dive in and do exactly what I wanted, but 
> refreshingly enough, I haven't been thwarted (yet) in that regard.
> However, I do have a beef with it.  The pulse delays are too long -- about 
> 2.25 times as long as the originals, in fact.  To me it's impossible to 
> ignore, but I haven't heard anyone here mention it, so I'm a bit curious.
> Whether I use the database settings, or learn the signals from the 
> original remote, or even use "learn raw", the pulses just aren't quick 
> enough.  The original remote's are snappy and great.  My mceusb receiver's 
> syslog debug (and red LED) confirms that the Harmony is sending more data. 
> The "raw" learned pulses, on the other hand, appear to be the correct 
> shorter duration, but are then spaced too far apart -- yielding about the 
> same user latency.  Maddening!
> It makes the whole UI of any navigatable device (e.g. MythTV, MCE, 
> OnDemand) feel more lethargic, particularly when the signals queue up as 
> they fail to keep up with the user's keypresses.  Particularly when 
> traversing a long list, one has to wait for keypresses to flush before 
> being able to do anything else.  That never happens with the original 
> remote.

Yes that's Harmony's default, mine (Harmony One) has been changed to be 
almost as fast as the original remotes. I'm sorry to say it was so long ago 
I can't remember how I did it, something to do with intercode delays I think 
but I can't remember where to find the setting.

Sometimes just knowing something can be done is enough to help find the 
solution, hopefully this is the case for you.


> I've been planning to call "customer care" about it... I just haven't 
> gotten around to it yet.  (I'm not sure how optimistic to be about that 
> anyway.)
> Anyone else here experience this?
> $0.02,
> EW
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