[mythtv-users] audio-video initial sync issues?

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 15:45:59 UTC 2011

> When you upgraded to 0.24 did you re-run the audio setup by pressing
> the scan devices and then configure it?

Yea, I had to redo all that, I was coming up from .22, I think.  And
it all changed.

> Are you running the very latest -fixes code?

Probably not... every time I upgrade lately the system gets worse.
Its rather discouraging.  Everything that I needed worked perfectly in
.22.... then KMSP installed an invalid video encoder, and I had to
upgrade to get the workaround for it.  Its been a nuisance ever since

Guess I could cross my fingers, and hope that nothing else gets worse
with another upgrade.

>Once you've done both then you can post a log with
> -v playback,timestamp,extra and someone can have a look.

Thanks, I'll get that info at some point.  This is one of my low
priority issues, since the bookmark/restart workaround works.


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