[mythtv-users] Merge of OSD and Main themes causes WAF to Plummet

Dan Armbrust daniel.armbrust.list at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 15:12:47 UTC 2011

> I'd be interested to know how you can just change the font size used
> in the OSD screen.
> I like Arclight, but neither my wife nor I can read the Info screen
> when browsing Live TV.

Personally, I think the inability to change font sizes without editing
a theme is about the most stupid design decision myth has made in
quite a while.  It becomes doubly bad when you consider that the
intended use of myth is on a vastly varying display size.  Assuming
that a theme designer can pick an appropriate font size for large and
small tvs, young and old eyes, CRTs/LCDs/Plasma, personal
preferences.... its just a bad decision.  The only reason I've ever
heard it "its better this way" cause "users can't break our pretty
themes".  Well, maybe the display engine should be smart enough to
cut/wrap/scroll elements as necessary.

I mean, seriously.   Show me even _one_ other graphical system, where
fonts can not be adjusted independently of themes.  Windows?  Linux?

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