[mythtv-users] UPnP Clients: MediaMVP HD or "New" AppleTV

Lawrence Houston mythtv at greenfield.dyndns.org
Mon Feb 28 00:50:03 UTC 2011

MythTV Users:

Currently using a PS3 as our "Primary" UPnP Client in the Living Room, 
which is working fine...  Although now I am looking for something 
Smaller/Cheaper for the Bedroom???  Both Hauppauge's MediaMVP HD and the 
"New" AppleTV sound good, although within MythTV's Wiki Pages I have been 
unable to determine whether either will work as UPnP Clients out of the 
Box (MythTV Backend is running 0.24+Fixes has Two Hauppauge HVR-1600 
Tuners on "Standard" Cable TV, ie. NO HD)...  Can anyone confirm if either 
of these UPnP Client would work???

Lawrence Houston  --  (mythtv at greenfield.dyndns.org)

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