[mythtv-users] Installing an external USB sound device on Mythbuntu 10.10

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 23:04:33 UTC 2011


On 28 February 2011 04:02, Dave M G <martin at autotelic.com> wrote:
> MythTV users,
> I have had a dedicated Mythbuntu machine for years now, a computer that
> was second hand even when I got it.
> Now, I have a new machine and I'm transferring the system over.
> One thing that is totally stumping me though... my external USB sound
> device.

If you have the drivers installed for it ; it should just be a matter
of plugging it in your PC.
Run alsamixer and unmute all its output.

Make sure the device appear when you run the aplay -L

Then in mythtv 0.24 and above, go in the audio settings, click on Scan
for Device; and select the device of the USB interface.

That's it.

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