[mythtv-users] mkv properties

Andrew Congdon Andrew.Congdon at iplatinum.com.au
Sun Feb 27 21:17:03 UTC 2011

I have several mkv files where myth's handling of mkv properties is 
"different" to mplayer which displays the file "correctly".

If I examine the files with mediainfo I see HD broadcast files 
containing "Aspect Ratio" which is correct 16:9 but also "Original 
display aspect ratio" which is set to 4:3 and I think is what causes 
mythvideo to display the file with the wrong aspect ratio.

I have other files which also display correctly with mplayer but have 
"Scan type" set to "Progressive". When viewed with mythvideo they have 
periods of pixelation but if I assert interlaced video they display just 

I could workaround these if I could find a way to edit those properties 
but mkvpropedit doesn't seem to be able to edit those properties? Anyone 
found some way to do this?

Another workaround might be if I could store the file override in 
mythvideo properties, for example aspect_ratio_override=16:9. This would 
be useful for many files for example if I could say always display 
another file with subtitles (and even which language).

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