[mythtv-users] MythTV Segfault on RHEL 6

Johan Heikkilä johan.heikkila at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 13:27:19 UTC 2011

Is anyone running mythbackend on Redhat Enterprise Linux 6?

I am trying to set up a new backend and used atrpms, atrpms-testing
and rpmforge to pull in the required dependencies. I only installed
mythtv-backend, mythtv-setup, mythweb and dependencies.

The version of mythtv is 0.24-267.el6.x86_64. It looks like I have all
dependencies installed and 'ldd /usr/bin/mythbackend' doesn't show any
missing libs.

Upon starting mythbackend I immediately get (before mythbackend prints
any messages)

    mythbackend[2113]: segfault at 0 ip (null) sp 00007fffd600a748
error 14 in mythbackend[400000+168000]

strace doesn't give me any clues, at least that I could understand (no
missing files at least). SELinux is disabled.

Is anyone running mythtv on RHEL 6 successfully and did you do
anything special to get it to work?

If there are no other options, I probably have to compile it. Should
at least tell me if there is something missing on the system.


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