[mythtv-users] Recording robustness improvements

Andre mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Thu Feb 24 13:38:27 UTC 2011

On 24 Feb 2011, at 13:22, Paul Gardiner wrote:

> On 24/02/2011 12:57, Andre wrote:
>> Maybe I'm seeing things but recently Myth Backend seems much more robust against various tuning failures.
>> I recently re-built my myth server to upgrade to new hardware and switch to 64bit, in doing so I messed up compiling the driver for my dual tuner, this resulted in some failed recordings. I noticed that after the 0B failed recordings in most instances there was a successful recording, digging in the log it looked like the backend made another attempt to tune and succeeded creating a second recording a few seconds later.
>> I means I have a lot of multiple recordings but that's so much better than lots of failures, if this is a code revision it works well with a tuner that sometimes fails to tune.
>> Many thanks to whoever coded this.
>> Andre
> Seconded! Although my problems that now seem to have gone away were
> mostly with the frontend.

Those too but there's been discussion about those now greatly improved issues. 

I haven't seen a word about backend improvements, although I haven't seen a 0B recordings thread lately, except the HD-PVR guys and that has to be a special case.


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