[mythtv-users] Internal HD Cards with component or HDMI inputs

Craig Van Tassle craig at codestorm.org
Wed Feb 23 16:50:56 UTC 2011

I just got my DirecTv boxes upgraded for me to the HD ones with a
Composite/LEFT/Right, Component, and HDMI outputs, there are no Coax
outputs at all. :(

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a HD capture card
that I can use to get the HD. I would prefer to have component input
directly to the card, or HDMI Directly to the card, if I have to use
some kind of minor conversion kit I would be ok with with that, but I
would very much prefer to be able to get HD.

I've read up on the HD-PVR from Hauppage, that seems to be an option
but I'm not sure how I will grab from the HD-PVR into my server. Also
from what I have read about the HD-PVR the best I can get is 1080i. I
would like to be able to go up to 1080P. That is mostly why I'm looking
at the composite input direct to the cards. 



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