[mythtv-users] Problem with parental level on 2nd, frontend

Phil Linttell phil.linttell at rogers.com
Sun Feb 20 22:01:45 UTC 2011

> Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 21:53:16 +0100
> From: raptor jr <raptorjr at hotmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Problem with parental level on 2nd
> 	frontend
> I'm sorry guys but i must be completely stupid. Because i dont understand anything. Let me take it from the beginning.
> I have two computers.
> Computer 1:
> Frontend/backend
> 2TB disk with all my files, recordings and movies, using only Storage Groups
> Starts in parental level 1 in MythVideo
> I have manually set parental level for several movies to 2.
> All movies that have a higher level than 1 is not shown when i enter MythVideo, the level 2 movies is hidden as they should be
> Computer 2:
> Frontend only
> Diskless, reads all data and everything from the backend
> Starts on parental level 1 in MythVideo
> When i start MythVideo i see all movies, even those with level 2 that should be hidden since MythVideo starts on level 1. And all information should be read from Computer 1, where all movies have the correct parental level set. But on Computer 2 the parental level for the movies seem to be ignored.
> What am i missing? It seems that it is working for everyone else.
> Please cure my stupidity =) 


You say you're using storage groups....  does Computer 2 have any
directories defined under Setup->Media->Video->General Settings?   If
you have storage groups setup, these directories in Setup on Computer 2
can all be left blank.  It may be that you've given Computer 2 "direct"
access to the videos by specifying these directories when it can get
everything it needs via storage groups.

I've just tested the same under 0.24-fixes, with a combined FE/BE and a
separate remote front-end, and it works as expected.  (Default level 3,
Level 4 hidden on both FE's without PIN.)

You should be aware, however, that parental controls don't apply to
UPnP...  so if you have kids with a games console in the house, they'll
still be able to watch any videos.

It would be nice if there were at least a setting to restrict videos
above a given parental level from being shared via UPnP. 


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