[mythtv-users] "This recording is currently in use by:, mythpreviewgen" niggle

Ken Bass kbass at kenbass.com
Thu Feb 17 17:38:04 UTC 2011

On 02/17/2011 12:29 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> We know it's not ideal, as is. We're currently stuck between an
> orphaned preview image and a hard-to-use interface.
> Future (large) changes will allow improving the UX without leaving
> orphaned previews.  The idea of allowing orphaned previews to improve UX
> here has been mentioned.
> Overall, the most I can say is that it will be improved, eventually.
> Mike

Not sure if this is a related concept, but it would also if I could 
delete a recording that is being commercial flagged.
The other day my wife tried to delete a recording and it kept saying 
something like' Unable to delete - in use' if I recall.

The backend status showed mythcommflag was stuck at 99%. I let it wait 
for another hour and it was still stuck at 99%.
Trying to stop the comm flag via mythweb did not work. I had to login 
and kill the mythcommflag task. Only after that could I delete
the recording.

Ideally, deleting a recording should notify any associated in progress 
comm flag to abort so the delete can complete.

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