[mythtv-users] hdhr file troubles on atv2

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Tue Feb 15 13:04:31 UTC 2011

belcampo wrote:
> Raymond Wagner wrote:
>> On 2/14/2011 09:51, David Evans wrote:
>>> I picked up a atv2 about a week ago and I have been tinkering with it.
>>>   I have xbmc running on it and using the built in myth:// protocol I
>>> can play SD files without any trouble.  The issue that I am having is
>>> with files produced by the hdhr.  They will load up but I get a severe
>>> stutter with the audio and they are unwatchable.  I tried loading the
>>> files via a smb mount and I get constant buffering.
>>> I figured the solution would be to transcode the files down to a mpeg4
>>> format that should be easier for the ATV2 to play but I'm struggling
>>> with the settings of mythtranscode to get a file that plays cleanly.
>>> If I could get any insight it would be great.
>> The ATV2 does not support hardware acceleration of the MPEG2 output by a 
>> digital tuner, nor the HD MPEG4 output by mythtranscode.  That means you 
>> are relying on the woefully inadequate 1GHz ARM for software decoding.  
>> Until XBMC has fully explored the VideoToolBox API and documented what 
>> the device is actually capable of, rather than what Apple has restricted 
>> the device to, the only authoritative reference on the decoding 
>> performance of that device is on the Apple site.
> I do have one for 2 weeks and it can play BluRay as input-format.
> I use makemkv to get the BD in a matroska container which I then serve 
> with minidlna to upnp to XBMC on the atv2, although it scales it down to 
> 720p, but further it works very well.
Sorry I was too hasty, I had encoded them to 1080p but at a lower 
bitrate with ffmpeg -crf 24, which resulted in visibly perfect, 
according to mediainfo:
Overall bit rate                 : 6 143 Kbps

>> http://www.apple.com/appletv/specs.html
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