[mythtv-users] mceusb on 2.6.36+

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Mon Feb 14 04:49:26 UTC 2011

On Feb 12, 2011, at 3:04 PM, Dave Badia wrote:

> I understand the lirc drivers moved into the kernel as of 2.6.36, but
> I'm having some trouble making the transition.  I'm running gentoo
> with a vanilla kernel, lirc-0.9.0-pre1, and I've compiled in
> the mceusb module.  I've been through a couple of transitions with
> other drivers moving into the kernel (hdpvr and ivtv) but this one is
> giving me issues, specifically:
> - Most buttons don't work at all
> - Pressing Up, Down, etc twice results in moving up/down about 7 or 8
> times very rapidly
> When I modprobe mceusb I see /dev/lirc0 and /dev/input/event2 appear
> as devices.  I understand remote events now go through the event layer
> and hence the event2 device.

They go through *both* the input layer and lirc layer, unless you
disable one or the other ("disabling" the lirc layer can effectively be
done by simply not running lircd).

> It appears I don't need to run lircd
> anymore and can just use the event layer but my question is how do I
> get the rest of the buttons to work?

Pure input mode won't work yet, because X sucks. The X server currently
squashes any keycodes > 255. There's work being done to remedy this, but
for now, you want to use lirc, one way or another.

> Running evtest shows for Ok (which doesn't do anything in mythtv) shows
> Event: time 1297538736.806664, -------------- Report Sync ------------
> Event: time 1297538736.943646, type 4 (Misc), code 4 (ScanCode), value 800f0422
> Event: time 1297538737.193393, type 1 (Key), code 352 (Ok), value 0
> How do I get MythTV to understand/respond to that?

With lirc. You can either disable in-kernel decode and run lirc pointing
at /dev/lirc0, or run lirc pointing at the mce's input event device.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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