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> >      What MCE "stores things as" is probably entirely irrelevant
> except for
> > making things unecessarily hard to use in other programs. Unless MCE
> is
> > transcoding things (which is bloody unlikely given the processing
> > requirements),
> > then it's just storing the raw streams from whatever tuner it's
> recording
> > from.
> >
> I based my 300 hours on experience from people who are actually using
> Win MCE with HD tuners.
> You didn't answer my main question.  How many hours of HD recording can
> you get in Myth with 2TB of storage space?  Let's assume you're using
> H.264.

Using the same tuners as the people you mention (or any tuners that record
the raw stream, which is almost all of them), you'll get the same results,
regardless of which software you're using, unless they are transcoded
afterwards, which I don't think is what you're asking.  If you use an
HD-PVR, you get much better compression.   You can specify how high the
compression should be actually, on the HD-PVR, but even for equivalent image
quality you're get smaller files.  I haven't compared, but I'd believe
jedi's 4:1 ratio.

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