[mythtv-users] MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

Reynolds, Brian Brian.Reynolds at fiserv.com
Sun Feb 13 16:53:56 UTC 2011

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> >On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 9:32 AM, Reynolds, Brian
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> >> Well, I tried, but it wasn't an option in the WebMail client that
> >> company uses.  Lighten up.
> >Brian, you seem to be underestimating the cultural differences
> >the Windows world and the FOSS world.  If you don't have much
> >experience with FOSS or members of the FOSS community this isn't
> >unexpected, but you're very much a fish out of water here and you
> >don't seem to realize it.  This is a big part of the reason why
> >there's been more or less universal agreement that MythTV isn't the
> >right fit for you.
> >Eric
> Could you explain the difference, then?  Because if I were to sum it
up from
> what I'm reading here, pertaining to the whole bottom posting thing,
> would go something like this. "Members of the FOSS religion are an
> intolerant, inflexible (ironic considering the miracles of flexibility
> open source they proclaim) bunch of a-holes, still stuck in computing
out of
> daddy Jobs' garage, trying to pigeon hole everyone to conforming to
> idea of how it's supposed to be...a la the Microsoft they so loathe".
> Probably not an accurate assessment, but that's certainly how you're
> off.
> Guess what?  He's right, not every mail client will reply at the
bottom with
> the pretty formatting your little heart desires.  My client won't do
it, but
> then again, none of your precious open source email clients are able
to do
> the things that are actually important for my email needs.  He's also
> that outside of this mailing list, "bottom posting" would make you
look like
> a retard.  With that in mind, should I set my mail client up for YOU,
> keep it setup properly for every single other piece of business I do
> it?

Scott makes some of the points that I was trying to make by poking fun
at those who criticized my e-mail formatting.  He also makes a good
point about the flexibility of open source.  As I wrote in an earlier
message, I'm highly unlikely to write my own code for Myth, so I'm bound
by your rules.  If I use Win MCE, I'm bound by their rules.  There's no
difference in this regard from my perspective.

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