[mythtv-users] MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

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Sat Feb 12 04:01:46 UTC 2011

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On 02/11/2011 03:38 PM, Reynolds, Brian wrote:
> I don't know if I'll even need access to VOD from the cable company.
> already have Netflix and I'm considering Hulu as well.  Doing it all
> from an advanced system like Myth of WinMCE will make it even easier
> use that online content.

FWIW, MythTV (and, for that matter, GNU/Linux) does not (and will likely

never) support Netflix streaming, since it's using Windows-only 
Silverlight features.  So, to get Netflix streaming, you'd likely need 
to get something like a Roku player or Wii or XBox 360 (plus XBox Live 
Gold membership) or PS3 or a Windows system or ... something that's not 
MythTV (nor the underlying GNU/Linux distro on which you're running

As for Hulu, well, I don't see it having a bright (and free-of-charge) 
future, but that may just be me.


Man, I'm here asking for reasons to use Myth, and you guys keep giving
me reasons NOT to.  I haven't tried out Hulu yet, but I'm told that it
adds a bunch of HD content... and if I remember correctly (don't count
on my memory) even recent airings of broadcast TV.

My BluRay player has built-in support for NetFlix and a bunch of other
stuff.  The 3D TV that I'm planning to buy soon does too... as well as
Hulu and a BUNCH of other stuff.  However, being able to stream this
stuff to multiple TV's in my house... priceless.  How could you NOT
build support for Netflix (only the biggest player in streaming movies)
into Myth?

Sorry if I'm getting a little too belligerent... several drinks will do

OK, what's available in Myth that replaces Netflix/Hulu???  I'm talking
about sources that approximate the video quality of these sources AND
the ease-of-use.  I'm not going to watch stuff that isn't AT LEAST as
good quality as the movies available on Netflix... and I'm not going to
spend lots of time searching and downloading that content!  Anything
less isn't even worth watching on a big TV.  The cost of Netflix is
minimal.  I'll check into Hulu soon, but as I understand it... it's
pretty cheap too.  WAYYYY cheaper than what I pay the cable company!

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