[mythtv-users] MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

jedi jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Feb 9 21:18:21 UTC 2011

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 11:51:08AM -0600, Reynolds, Brian wrote:
> OK,
> So I've found this cool tuner card that has four tuners that use a
> single CableCARD to receive everything the cable company has to offer,
> except VOD.  It's the Ceton InfiniTV (www.cetoncorp.com).  It's $399.99
> and available now (with a 3 month backlog on orders).

    I can go to the local Frys and buy myself 2 Hauppauge 1212's today.

    I bought my HDHR at the local Microcenter.

    Sure, I don't have 4 cable tuners but this is all gear that's well
supported under any OS and is not vaporware or hopelessly backordered.

> Of course, copy protected content is only supported in Windows MCE, with
> a supported HDCP compliant video card.  I don't know if the card has
> drivers for Linux, but if I can't watch copy protected content on Linux,
> why would I want to do that?

     The Hauppauge 1212 has been well supported in Linux and MythTV pretty
much since it was release. Many of us have been happily using these for quite
awhile now.    

> Also, with an X-Box or a D-Link or Linksys media center extender (found

     Well. Not all extenders are created equal.

     On the other hand, a box running MythTV is as capable as any other.
Some might not be fast enough for HD, but all support the same core PVR
features and content formats.

> on e-bay for $100), I can watch live or recorded TV, Blu-Ray movies,
> DVD's, and just about anything else that Windows can decode on as many
> frontends as my MCE server can handle, which depends on how many tuners
> I install, how much I/O the machine can handle, and CPU power.

     With MCE you will be stuck with appliance extenders only. The option
of putting MCE on an ION as a frontend is not an option.


> Now to my question... what's the advantage of MythTV over Win MCE?  Why
> would I want to go this route instead of MCE when I can get copy
> protected content in MCE?

    That copy protected content will always remain copy protected and will
complicate how you use it. Whatever rules or limitation your cable company
places on the content will remain on that content.

    I can put any of my recordings on my iPhone or Archos. You might not
even be able to transfer a recording from your main server to the living

> Please understand that I mean no disrespect.  I understand the benefits
> of open source software and the fun that goes into a project like that.
> I just don't understand why I would choose MythTV over MCE.  Please help
> me out.

    Perhaps you should try out MCE before getting the $400 tuner that works
with MCE and MCE only. One thing that MCE does have going for it is the fact
that it is much more likely to support any old random dirt cheap ATSC tuner.

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