[mythtv-users] Another BBC HD Audio variance.......

Paul Gardiner lists at glidos.net
Wed Feb 2 13:32:43 UTC 2011

On 02/02/2011 13:14, Paul Raison wrote:
> On 2 Feb 2011, at 13:07, Paul Gardiner wrote:
>> I should warn you that, although BBC HD content all plays fine on my
>> FE, it does at times run out of memory and kill off the mythfrontend
>> service. It was completely reliable before I had
>> HD content. I've taken on a new version today. I'm hoping things might
>> have improved.
> Are you using NVidia drivers by any chance? And if so, what version? There was an issue with memory with one version, if I recall.

Yep. 260.19.29, I believe. And trying 260.19.36 tonight.

Actually, mythfrontend has been dying much less frequently lately,
but instead the whole machine has been locking up. That could be
unrelated though, because I've recently had a new problem where
it seems like my remote's buttons are stuck down, although the
remote isn't actually sending repeated codes. I think the problem
with the remote might be leading to multiple skip back/forward
commands, and that's locking the thing up. Another problem I'm
hoping might go away with the upgrade.


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